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Supurrior Sitting Cat Sitters was founded in 2015 when the owner, Caroline, realized first-hand just how hard it was to find quality care for her beloved cats.


After having to go through a lengthy process several different times to find the right sitter to take care of her furkids, Caroline decided that there was a need that had to be filled.  Caroline understood that no one is as good as mom or dad, but she was determined to be as close as possible for others that have found themselves in the same situation.


Supurrior Sitting is located in Houston, Texas and offers "in your home" cat sitting in the immediate Houston area.  We provide services to help ease the stress often inflicted on cats when being transported to and from the vet or other boarding facilities and kept away from the comforts of home.  Instead of being cramped up in tiny cat cubicles, your furbaby gets to stay comfy and cozy at home and you get to come home to a happy kitty that didn't even realize you were gone!

Please see below for our current service area.

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